I suppose I should write something?

Well, it’s the first day of my summer holidays. Thinking about it, it’s the first day of me being jobless, but thanks to Bristol city council I’m getting 2 more pay cheques to fund this mini-break. Thanks Bristol. Thistol.

I’m looking through old files and feeling all nostalgic. So far I have opened The Church, our Birmingham magazine from 5 years ago that many of us thought would change the world. It did. It made us realise that we would never be as cool as we thought we were then, however hard we tried. The club nights, posters, articles and general collective would naturally disband as we grew older, but we didn’t know that at the time.

Being a primary school teacher is pretty cool, eh, hey? ….Hello?

Anyway, aside from that, it is the holidays and that means I have time to write/recycle music. I’m two-thirds way through a toast trilogy. I’m delving murkily into Badly Drawn Boy territory whereby it’s been 12 years of song writing and I’m still nowhere near anything that resembles a ‘proper song’. And no, granary transudation, does not count.

I’ll have to visit some people I think. Considering that they all live in London, I should book you into my diary. I’m very busy and important at the moment. I haven’t actually told anyone about this blog yet. Considering we’re not leaving the country ’til October 4th, I didn’t think it would mean much.

You all obviously know I’ll just stick stupid images on like how I’ve already packed my suitcase and so on….

Oh dear.

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