We leave on Monday

I am watching lazily as Noony packs the clothes we both need and, by process of elimination, don’t need into two separate suitcases. It will be comedy gold when I switch her suitcase for her to open it up in Thailand and find nothing but a fluorescent lifeguard jacket and driving goggles.

We are now nervous. Noony says she isn’t but I bet she is. Moths, bugs, mountain people and foreign food served by natives. I am worried that I am going to starve to death. Luckily I found that if I drink before eating I am less stressed. Shame that the drink that does this is Bovril.

On a more upbeat note, we have found that it’s only a couple of quid to Sri Lanka so I’ll go visit my old school’s partner school, which means I can justify to recruiting head teachers that my six month doss had a purely education slant.

Noony wants to sit on an elephant and I want to high five an orangutan. Hopefully both at the same time. These aren’t the only reasons we’re going, but it has made up a substantial part of it, y’know, redundancy and job loss aside.

Noony says I have to put the suitcase we don’t need into the attic now.

She’ll laugh about it one day….