Noony bravely took a video of a sea monster.

Location:Ocean world, Bangkok

Day two: Feival’s revenge

Today was a very westernised day. After catching the sky train, through what i thought were clouds, we entered Central World, Bangkok’s biggest shopping centre. One man opened the main door for me, another checked my bag for empty calypso tubes, one more pointed at the escalators in front of the main door and all were getting paid a salary to stand and do pretty much nothing.

We decided that window shopping, however awesome, was tiring. So we went to Sea World, or whatever it was called. We had the chance to see baby hammerhead sharks, but Noony said she couldn’t eat a whole one. We had shark fin soup for lunch. It was scrummy. The mink fur serviette was a bit overkill. We got in the glass bottomed boat. We saw sharks, lots of them. Too many to catch. Many couldn’t steer. Not sure why.

I had a massage after that. “but how?” I hear you cry. Don’t cry. My feet were kissed by a hundred fish. I have never been so delicately touched, (until Jean turns up, hopefully). Noony couldn’t bear it (she has a thing about me talking about Jean) so she left.

We decided that fish watching, however awesome, was tiring. So we went window shopping at the really posh second mall. In one shop window were two lamborghinis, the next, a gucci merkin, quite exquisite. We grew tired quickly of how things were in fact more expensive than in England. Boo shucks to the idea of cheap Apple paraphernalia.

The iPad isn’t liking photo uploads at the moment, and is liking even less that the comments about them are fictitious. Also, the follow map feature is pretty useless if it’s just going to keep a map of Chichester in the window.

Pezandnoony 2.0 will address these issues, but for now… Go away.

Location:ถนนพระราม 4,Rong Mueang,Thailand