Shocker at Sokha

Where to begin…? So, we arrived safe and sound at the lovely Sokha Beach Resort, and enjoyed a marvellous 3 days in paradise. Our room, although the cheapest that the resort had to offer, was splendid, everything you would expect from a top class fancy hotel. We tried to cram in as much as we could in 3 days, using the pool, beach (sandcastle pictures to follow), gym, sauna, steam room, and even booking ourselves some spa treatments! Pez and I had 2 Khmer ladies lavish us with massages, something called a hot herbal compress, a herbal scrub and head, neck and shoulder massages. It was glorious! Although the tummy massage was too much for me as I burst out laughing and had to ask her to stop!

We were only booked to stay for 2 nights but had to extend the stay to 3 as the whole of town was booked up due to the water festival, a busy public holiday here in Cambodia. This meant we couldn’t get the night bus to Vietnam as planned. 3 nights was definitely the maximum our budget would allow so we booked to stay at another hotel on another beach in Cambodia (Victory Beach). We arrived today as scheduled to find out that our booking had not been made and that we were without accommodation. The staff were so kind and helpful and said they would not just leave us stranded, as this was Hostelworld’s fault not theirs. They were going to allow us to stay in one of the rooms occupied by a French man who works here, but we asked if there is anything they could do to get us to Vietnam. They rang various companies, who are not running due to the holiday, but eventually found us 2 seats on the night bus. So, that is now our plan, we leave on the bus for Ho Chi Minh at 8 pm. Phew!

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