We have abandoned our audience

But you don’t mind. Do you? Hello?

We have spent 5 days in Hué, but rain stopped us from doing very much, lame!

About to get on to a plane to Hanoi this afternoon so once we are settled, we’ll let you know what’s been going on.

On a side note, if anyone would like anything from Asia that they want shipped home let us know and we will try to accommodate. Apple fans should appreciate that items sadly are not cheaper here so don’t ask. Boo. Other tech is cheaper though. So get thinking y’all.


Hoi An. Some photos.

Have a spin on my propellor.

Should have left my radio controlled race car in the hold.


Japanese Bridge


Travel in antiquated style


I could see Noony's face taking this. Either jealousy or sadness at how camp I look


A'top of the marble mountains


Yep. We were those guys.


Beach Matrix.


We were in Vietnam in December 2010.


I like the lining. eh?