Darling, it’s better, down where it’s wetter.

So, today we went diving. Deep sea diving. It was incredible. We are hooked. We are coming to Bali again. We are going diving again. Just like looking at monkeys and whatnot, our expectations were low. Noony didn’t think she would enjoy it. She was wrong.

We went to the dive centre that John, the guy we met randomly on a boat in Malaysia, owned. Lonely planet called Eco-Dive, “the best place for beginner divers.” We had two dives, the first being an introduction to sucking air through a hosepipe. Andrea mentioned her asthma and they suggested she sees how the intro dive goes. Her chest tightened, panic ensued and she resurfaced. I had no idea she had left as I was far too busy thinking how bloody amazing everything was. Noony said she was about to panic and leave but our guide, Antoine, our amazing guide, held her hand and she calmed down. I had no idea she was about to panic as I was far too busy thinking how bloody amazing everything was.

The first dive was fabulous. We swam to the sea shelf and there was a huge drop and followed the coral along the sea bed where thousands of fish swam. Think the start scene of Finding Nemo and you are not even close. This dive doesn’t matter though. The second dive was to the wrecked World War Two cargo ship turned artificial reef. As Andrea couldn’t do the dive they said they wouldn’t charge her and gave her snorkelling gear and said she could see the ship from the surface. We slowly sunk towards the vessel and swam through the broken hull. Legally, as beginners, we were allowed to go down 12metres. Antoine thought we did really well so took us to the wreck floor at 17 metres although he only told us after. Good lad. I cannot begin to describe what we saw. We had a Balinese instructor with us who took underwater photos. He burnt them to CD to give to us so as we are iPad-bound we can’t upload them. He did email us the first photo of us just under the water.

Five days to go…