This is where the hungry come to feed.

So, we’ve left behind the bustling main highway of Hua Lamphong with its twelve lane intoxicating spread of fuming, pink taxis, tuk-tuks, and other transportation. We couldn’t say we’ve ‘done’ Bangkok unless we spent a night or two on the Koh San Road. After spending a (sleepless) night there I can honestly say, no word of a lie, literally, at the end of the day, when all’s said and done, (…do you know what I mean?) that it is quote/unquote “mental”.

We haven’t taken a photo of the road, but I don’t think i would want to for fear of pickpocket people splashing talcum powder in my face and running off with my stolen photographic memories.

“Hello sir and pretty lady, you luk lak business man, you want tailor?”

Our good friend, Will, who is meeting us next weekend for Cambodian treats, has suggested a firm “NO SIR” which, to our relief, has stopped them – for the most part – from following us. Most of them shake my hand and lead it to their stall of cigarette tins and knuckle dusters. I might buy a knockoff pair of aviators as I know for a fact that face-wear makes me look both super cool and unapproachably serious.

The stalls cover both pavements from tip to toe and, in the night time the roads fill with three types of vendor. The first being the mongolian looking frail, old ladies who wear tall, pointy, beaded mountain hats and try and sell you said hats even though the only other people wearing them are the other mountain ladies. The second are the pushy men who force objects into your hands and expect money in return for the service not asked from you. The most stubborn are the aforementioned tailors, (five times more expensive than vietnam where I WILL get a fancy suit fashioned to my size, naturally). The final kind are those who sit by their stall for 16 hours and don’t move from their seat, they just stare… into space…. waiting….. for someone to come and buy their channel perfume, deezal jeans and rae bann sunnies.

We were warned online that the Charondee hostel is a difficult one from all the noise. Another person wrote for all the players to man up and get some ear plugs. We liked the cut of that reviewer’s jib so decided to try it. We were greeted warmly by a lady and her obedient, blonde labrador and showed to our room. This room was air conditioned, that’s all you need to know. The bathroom has a toilet with a shower nozzle above it. I assume they’re thinking two birds, one stone? The water pipe to the toilet leaks and the mosquitos come at night. Well, only about three, but they were relentless and intimidating.

We have been early birds again and going to bed quite early, so at 11pm we set off to sleep thinking how much quieter it was than the reviews stated. We both woke at 2am to hideous thumping bass. It stopped at 5am. We missed our free breakfast because of this selfish act on the DJ’s part.

Noony is going to write about our day today later on about visiting the Grand Palace.

For now,
Tinkerty Tonk

p.s. The dog was lying on the marble floor belly down and legs akimbo. Noony says that labradors have notoriously bad hips and thats how they lie down sometimes. This reminded me of a dream Abbas told me he had about me. We were at Alex’s house and Abbas found me, completely naked face down on Alex’s kitchen floor. When asked why I was there I replied I liked the contrast between the underfloor heating and the cool breeze on my back.

I’m sure we can all interpret Abbas’ moral message and apply it to whatever life holds.

Location:Sunset St,Talat Yot,Thailand

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  1. Paddington
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 21:53:02

    I can tell mountain people are going to feature heavily in these blogs. I approve.


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